Frequently Asked Questions

What forms are needed to send in a submission?

In order to determine the information needed to send for a submission, you must determine the complexity of the account:

  • Is the account a motor carrier that has both employee drivers and independent contractor s exposures?
  • Or are we only considering a Motor Carrier account that just uses employee drivers?
  • Or are we only considering an account s independent contractor fleet?

To help determine what is needed for a submission, we have broken this up into two parts:
  1. Submission Requirements for Motor Carriers
  2. Submission Requirements for Independent Contractor Program.

Can I get a quote without driver information?

No, driver information is a mandatory underwriting requirement.

Can you write young drivers?

Our program driver requirements are a minimum of 21 years of age with 2 years of commercial driving experience.

Can you write the Umbrella?

Yes we can provide higher liability limits to meet any of the insured s requirements.

Do I have to run the MVR s?

No, provide underwriting with all the appropriate driver information and we will run the information for you.

Can you provide blanket additional insured?


Is there a minimum or maximum fleet limit?

No minimum or maximum; we can consider one truck operations up to an operation with over 1,000 vehicles.

Are new ventures welcome? Will you consider accounts with less than four years loss history?

We can consider accounts with no prior loss history but require the insured to have prior work experience in this field. A loss statement from the insured is required on fleets over 5 units.

Is this program just for transportation companies or does it include the operations of retail furniture and appliance stores?

This program is strictly designed for the transportation of new furniture and appliance delivery. The retail exposure is not acceptable per our underwriting guidelines.

Do you cover the Independent Operator (IO) itself, meaning the IO working for the logistics company? These IO's have in general 1 to 3 trucks?

Yes, our program can provide coverage for the Independent Contractor. One of our biggest advantages is the ability to allow the logistics company (Motor Carrier) to endorse our program to their Independent Contractor network.

When you say delivery for furniture and appliances, are you covering the installation of the product?

For example, would you cover a company that delivers and installs office partitions? Yes, our program has the ability to provide the necessary general liability insurance coverage for the installation exposure. This program will not consider providing general liability coverage on a monoline bases.

How do you rate the workers’ compensation for independent contractor furniture delivery and is this policy auditable?

The payroll used for an independent contractor will be determined by the state of jurisdiction of the insured and the minimum sole proprietor payroll requirement by law. In addition, payroll will be increased for any other employee exposure determined in the underwriting process. The type of audit performed will be determined by the state of jurisdiction of the policy. In general most states require policies over $10,000 in premiums to have a physical audit; those under $10,000 can receive a voluntary audit request.